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Chakra images and Illustrations

On this page you will find various chakra images courtesy of istockphoto and dreamtime photo galleries. I may be adding more over time if I'm able to find some unique illustrations different from the rest.

When learning about chakras, it helps to be able to have chakra photos that you can refer back to as you learn about their various locations as well as the names that are used to identify each one.

The locations of chakras are important to know, especially when you start utilizing meditations and visualizations to balance them. In addition to this, it's also important to know the names of each chakra, since each one is responsible for different conditions in the body.

I'll be covering this on another portion of the site in more detail, so I'm going to avoid going into more detail about what each chakra does here.

  • Chakra photo depicting various locations of energy centers

    chakra photos

  • Detailed chakra chart depicting said location of chakras

    detailed chakra chart

  • Another chakra photo showing the approximate location of the 7 chakras. The crown chakra, is the bright star-like feature at the top of the head.

    chakra images

  • Meditation in aligning the chakras

    aligning chakras

  • A Few More Pictures Depicting Chakra Images / Artwork

aligning chakras

aligning chakras

aligning chakras

**please note, all images have been paid for through the photo services of either dreamstime or Istock photo and are not to be copied or duplicated**

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I'm sure I'm left off some additional benefits of meditation. You'll probably discover a few on your own as you progress through your own meditations.

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