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Chakra Definitions and Their Relationship to the Body

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What are Chakras:

On chakra definitions - As noted before, chakras are energy centers located at various points in the body along the spinal cord. Think of them as spinning vortices of energy which keep the body in balance.

These wheel like energy centers have been utilized during countless numbers of meditations and chakra balancing sessions

In general, the 7 major chakras are said to be located on or near the spine starting from the head down to near the base of the spine. These 7 chakras you will find listed below and named as follows:

  • Heart Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Root Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Brow Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Crown Chakra

The chakra originated in Hinduism and you may find that the definitions for chakras differ depending upon who you talk to.

Just as an example, the Hindus may define chakras in a more literal sense of a spinning center of energy, each having a specific shape.

On the other hand, others who are also on spiritual paths use them more metaphorically and may not take them literally as a spinning shape of energy, but instead may only use the general concept of a chakra to focus and concentrate their body on negative thought forms.

Variance in Chakra Definitions

The variance in these definitions of chakras mostly lies in how they are shaped as well as the nature of the specific colors, if they are to actually have any true color that is.

The specific locations of chakras can also even vary between what Hindus believe and what Buddhists believe.

Finally, defining how each particular chakra functions or how it behaves can also vary across different spiritual beliefs and cultures.

Chakra Definitions Concluding View

Whether or not a chakra is very elaborate colorful spinning wheel of energy, or just a focal point to help balance energies in different parts of the body should matter little to you, and the true answer to this question we will probably never know.

Define the chakra the way that makes the most sense to you when working with your energy during meditations. If it helps to visualize a specific color and shape in regards to the area you are working on, then by all means do so.

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Although the general concept of a chakra is universal, The individual chakra definition will vary depending upon what spiritual culture you are studying.

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