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The Benefits of Meditation Are Staggering

Since you are probably more focused on the benefits of meditation from a spiritual viewpoint,you may not be aware of all of the other benefits that exist outside of spirituality.

Below you will find all the benefits of meditation that make it well worth the time you invest in it..

This is so much easier!

Meditation and Depression

So how can meditation help with depression? Well, when you are able to meditate effectively, you alter your brain waves, and by incorporating guided imagery in your meditation, it becomes very therapeutic and healing.

Meditating also slows your brain down, and this can be very helpful to folks who deal with different types of anxiety with their depression.

As an example, meditation can improve your focus, concentration, mood, and improve your sleeping patterns. These are often areas that diminish when you are suffering from depression.

Of course if your depression is extremely severe, don't put off getting professional treatment if you fail to respond to meditation treatments. Don't be surprised however if meditation is recommended as part of the treatment process given by a professional.

Stress and Meditation

Stress relief is probably the biggest benefit of meditation outside of spiritual growth. It also has the most noticeable effect.

Shortly after beginning your meditation program, you’ll notice that you are less fidgety and more calm and collected. You won’t find yourself as irritable around friends and loved ones, and certain situations that would bother and upset you previously, will no longer do so.

How long it takes you to eliminate all of the stress in your life really depends on how much stress you are carrying around prior to beginning your meditative journey.

It also depends on much time you are willing to put aside to meditate. If you only consider yourself mildly stressed, improvement should come fairly quickly. However, if you are feeling extremely stressed, you need to realize it’s going to take more time, but please be patient as results will come to those who are persistent. .

Sleep and Meditation

You may be wondering why sleep is mentioned as a benefit? When you are in deep states of meditation, there are some who say that it reduces the total hours of sleep they need per night. However, from my experience, it depends on how deep the meditation is, and what type of brain waves are being produced.

When you are in an extremely deep state of meditation and your mind and body are completely in sync, it’s closely related to the sleep state, and I’ve been able to achieve this blissful state using some of the Monroe Institute products. I do imagine however that results will vary from individual to individual, depending upon a particular person’s sleep needs.

Concentration and Meditation

One of the long-term benefits of Meditation is that it improves overall concentration, and allows for easier focusing on the task at hand. Perhaps this is because when you eliminate stress and anxiety, your mind become much clearer and less cluttered.

From my own experimentation, I’ve noticed a drop in my ability to concentrate when I’ve taken a few weeks off from meditating.

Longevity and Meditation

Adding to the growing list of long-term benefits of meditation, which may be debatable, is longevity.

However, it stands to reason that if you eliminate stress, anxiety etc, that it will improve your health and thus contribute to your longevity.

I don’t know of any studies on this as they be a bit hard to test, but I think it’s pretty logical to think that meditation would contribute to one’s overall longevity, as long as you’re consistent with it throughout the months and years. .

Spirituality and Meditation

After you’ve been meditating for some time, you’ll begin to have a heightened spiritual awareness that will increase more over time.

You’ll begin to view life from a higher perspective. You will begin to see how everything in the universe is connected, and you’ll experience much more joy in your life.

Concluding View

So as you can see, the vast benefits of meditation you get are well worth the investment of time you put into it. Sometimes it’s easy to get sidetracked because you don’t feel like the benefits are coming as fast as you’d like to see them, and indeed they can be very subtle at first when you are just starting out. Just remember that over the months and years, those benefits will multiply and will enrich every area of your life.

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I'm sure I'm left off some additional benefits of meditation. You'll probably discover a few on your own as you progress through your own meditations.

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