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Libraries and Learning on the Astral Plane

One of the main characteristics of the astral plane is the heightened ability to learn and grow. Many people who've had past life regressions and near death experiences have reported higher levels of education and learning that are opened to them in the astral frequencies. This makes sense since the astral world is the closest plane to the physical, and thus carries with it some of the same characteristics as the earth plane.

For those who have shed their physical existence and moved on from the earth plane into the astral world, there are said to be libraries packed with books for the purpose of higher learning. In addition, there are schools and other learning facilities available as well.

It may be hard for us to fathom why one would still even have a desire of learning after departing the physical, since learning is generally a tedious mental task. Your higher consciousness looks at it differently however, and once you are focused in the astral plane, you may see things quite differently than you are use to.

What one learns while in the astral world is probably going to be dependent upon the level of growth that particular soul has reached while in the physical world. Perhaps it's a preparation for their next incarnation, or going over lessons that were not learned during their previous lifetime. It's also possible that what's taught are higher level concepts that we as physical beings are unable to comprehend or put into words at our current level of existence.

Concluding Views

At this time I don't see any evidence from those who've done past life research or those who've had near death experiences, that the type of learning that involves libraries or schools is mandatory. Many of the most reliable spiritual mediums will tell you that nothing is forced upon you when you leave this dimension, and from what I've learned, I agree with this. it's more based upon the individual and their own choices that tie in with their own soul development.

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Many of the characteristics of the astral plane can be explored through out of body experiences.

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