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Your Astral Body and Non-verbal Communication

On earth you have a physical body, in the astral world, you have an astral body. The astral-body can be looked at as a much less dense version of your physical body, almost ghost-like in appearance.

This explains how one is easily able to walk through walls when having an out of body experience. Some folks who have had OBEs have also commented on how their hands appear to have a see through quality to them, and this lends support to the astral-body appearance theory.

Upon Death of the Physical Body

Now whether or not the appearance of the astral-body changes after your physical body dies, is debatable. The only difference in appearance might be due to the silver-like-cord which is said to exist when you are are visiting the astral world, such as in dreams, engaged in deep meditation or having an OBE.

When your soul does eventually leave the body at death, there obviously wouldn't be any type of silver cord, so that may or may not change the appearance of the astral-body, once it does enter the astral world.

Communication in the Astral World

People often ask, "how would you communicate in the afterlife if you don't have a physical mouth to do so?". Well, I think we would have all asked that question before we really understood that other forms of communication exist.

Just as an example, near death experiences have contained many examples of situations where thought was being transferred back and forth between two souls when conversing.

Those who've had out of body experiences and traveled through the astral world have reported the same type of communication. This leads me to believe that all communication is done in a non verbal manner and is more akin to telepathy than anything else.

Communication from Astral to Physical

Not only are souls within the astral world able to communicate with one another, but communication can also exist between souls(spirts) that exist in the astral world, and physical beings here on earth.

If you've been studying metaphysics for a long time, I'm sure you've read about, or maybe even experienced, many instances where mediums have been able to communicate with those who have passed on. This is also another non-verbal means of communication.

Concluding View

I have seen so many consistent examples in different subsets of metaphysics that all agree on one thing, that we are able to communicate in the afterlife in a non verbal matter.

What also supports this theory is that since the astral world is a shadow self of the physical world, it only makes sense that some form of communication would be possible in spite of only existing in an astral body.

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Think of your astral body as a less dense version of your physical body.

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