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NDEs - Returning To Your Physical Body - Ahh Shucks!

Sooner or later the NDEs you read about must have an ending point within the experience. Obviously if they didn’t, the folks that have had them wouldn’t be around to speak about them. Of course for those who aren’t resuscitated, the experience may continue and open the soul up to an amazing world of possibilities and may validate all of the metaphysical truths in existence. So the question would be, what is the determining factor that draws the experience to an end?

Being Told That You Must Return to the Physical World

One of the ways that the near death experience concludes is with a spiritual entity such as a religious figure, or perhaps another being of light, telling you that it’s not your time to move through the portal of death and into the spiritual. This is usually because your earthly mission has not yet been accomplished and you still have lessons to learn before it’s your time.

Perhaps there’s something you need to do on earth to better humanity, or perhaps it’s something as simple as living your life differently due to the shift of your consciousness brought on by the NDE. Regardless of the reason why, it’s something you soul must do in order to continue with its development.

Choosing to Come Back to the Physical World On Your Own

There have been some cases in NDEs where the individual has made the decision themselves to return to the physical world. That is, there wasn’t necessarily direction from another being to influence their decision. It’s as if the experience caused their senses to be awoken to the fact that they had to return to their body to accomplish specific tasks/lessons in their lives.

Resisting Your Return to the Physical World

When given the instruction of needing to return to the physical world, many are distraught and resistant of having to do so. This is understandable given the bliss and comfort they feel when away from their pain as well as the constraints of living in a physical body. They often explain to the being of light who is giving this instruction, that life on earth is horrible compared to what they are feeling at the moment of separation. Lovingly the being understands and offers compassion, but doesn’t waver in the importance of their need to return.

I guess the best analogy that I can think of is, imagine a time when you had a very vivid and comforting dream one night. In that dream everything was wonderful and you weren’t tied to the negative emotions that you often feel here on earth. Now imagine how you felt when you woke up.

Myself, I dream very vividly and I know that I have been disappointed the moment of waking realizing that the bliss I was feeling was only a dream. Now, imagine that same scenario only 100 times more vivid and realisti,c and then perhaps you’d know what a NDEer would experience After being told they had to return.

Concluding View

When I read all of the countless stories of NDEs, I marvel at the commonalties between them all. Specifically, I wonder why is it that the experience just doesn’t end without any further instruction from a higher being? Why are so many people given the message of needing to come back to learn various lessons or help others? Finally, why is the same communication given regardless of one’s background or religious beliefs?

While it’s still debatable as to what the answers to these questions are, the only conclusion I can make from a metaphysical point of view is that we truly are spiritual beings whose main purpose is to love, learn and help others. NDEs can provide some clues, but it's up to us to find out what we are suppose to do. It's part of the growth process.

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One thing that can be said of NDEs is that no athiest oriented scientist can give a rational logical explanation as to why they occur. They may be able to explain certain aspects of them, but are unable to explain other aspects without involving spirituality.

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