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NDEs - Your Physical Life Review and What It Means

Of the hundreds of NDEs I’ve read about, the ones that fascinate me the most are the ones that involve life reviews. Not only is the life review life a wake up call to the reality we call our physical world, but it has also showed evidence of changing someone’s persective and outlook on life drastically.

What is a Life Review?

Simply put, a life review is where a NDEer is shown one’s entire life, or at least the important events, decisions, and actions that occurred in the lifetime. These are described as coming out onto a screen in rapid machine gun fashion.

Usually there is no judgement by anyone while one is experiencing a life review. However, there can be other beings guiding you through the experience. These beings usually just offer guidance and love, not ridicule and judgement. If there’s anyone doing the judging, it’s the person who’s having the experience.

The Movie Theater Analogy

The best way to understand the life review event is to imagine yourself being inside of a large indoor movie theater, except that only you and maybe a couple of others are inside of that theater. Now if you can imagine a large panoramic screen stretched across the room as various images play across the screen depicting an almost story like version of your life.

How Can It be Possible To See Your Entire Life?

For awhile, I struggled with the concept of how it would be possible to see your entire life’s events during the brief time you were having the experience. I then started researching a metaphysical concept I’ve heard of for many years, which says that there is no time and space except in the physical dimension. Everything in the physical dimension is in very slow motion compared to the astral and other dimensions, so now it makes perfect sense how this can be possible.

Life Changing

If there’s one part of a near death experience that would be considered the strongest catalyst for change, it would have to be the life review. You learn that you are the one responsible for your actions, and you also see how some your actions may have affected others. Now some people may say, “What’s positive about seeing how I hurt others?” well, it is positive if you learn and grow from it, right?.

Concluding View

While the overall view of NDEs will vary across different cultures and religions, the life review component is undeniably one of the most rewarding and powerful experiences that a NDEer can go through. Only positive things can come from an experience that allows you to reflect on your past actions, and how you may have hurt or helped others.

You are the judge and you are the jury. This judging may the judgement day event that’s depicted in the bible, but perhaps the biblical meaning has been lost or distorted in translation.

If only we were able to experience this life review periodically in our day to day lives, this planet would be a completely different place. I guess it must be meant for most of us to learn our lessons from the school of hard knocks. That which can’t be learned by wisdom, must be learned by woe.

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