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NDEs - Greetings from Loved Ones and Relatives

When reading about various accounts of NDEs, I’m sure you’ve heard about how one is often greeted by relatives and close friends who have passed on before them. Typically, the determining factor on who ends up being the ones to greet you seem to be dependent upon how close you are with that particular person.

I have, however, researched some experiences where even casual friends have shown up to give their comfort and love. The analogy is often given that it’s like a welcoming home party.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you’ve been serving in the military overseas for a couple of years, and then you walk through your front door where loved ones and friends are there to enthusiastically greet you. I’m sure you would feel an incredible amount of love emanating from the room once you stepped inside.

The one difference being that the communication that would take place in the room would be verbal, whereas the communication you would feel in the near death experience would be more like thought transference, but I'll have more on that later.

Guides and Counselors

The family members and friends who show up in an NDE often will act as guides or counselors in order to make the death transition much more pleasant for the one who is transitioning.

Guides usually won’t overstep their boundaries however on what they need to communicate or teach to the individual. Everyone is different, which is why there are also no two experiences that are the same. This makes sense because everyone has different lessons they are to learn based upon their situation and purpose.

Non Verbal Communication

When communication takes place in NDEs between the loved ones and the experiencer, it’s usually described as being nonverbal in nature. It’s almost as if some sort of thought transference or telepathy is taking place. This is also consistent with how age old spiritual teachings describe communication to take place on the astral plane.

Unconditional Love

One thing that can be said about the love that is given by the deceased family members and loved ones, is that it’s usually very powerful and unconditional. When you read or hear interviews of these experiences, the people are usually in awe at the amount of love they feel towards them as they are greeted. The love doesn’t seem to have any boundaries and is non-judgmental in every sense of the word.

Concluding View

As you may have gathered by now, there are many common threads that run between the many examples of NDEs and basic metaphysical teachings. For instance, the relatives and friends that greet those who have temporally crossed over tend to show unconditional love regardless of what may have kept them apart in physical life.

Also, as previously mentioned, nonverbal communication often takes place, which is synonymous with telepathy. Metaphysics clearly teaches that on other planes of existence, we have teachers and guides that keep us out of trouble. Many refer to these as Angles. Angels often appear in the near death experience and relatives and friends often come across as teachers wanting to help us with the death transition.

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Research in NDEs show that if you've had ANY type of pet that you were really close to, that pet may show up as well, and yes, that would even include your pet frog. Afterall, we are ALL consciousness.

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