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NDEs - Meeting with God or Another Religious Figure

Some of those who've been interviewed about their NDEs have brought back some interesting information when it comes to meeting or seeing God or Jesus. While not everyone meets God or Jesus, the numbers are still high enough to make research worthwhile.

How Does God Appear?

One might ask, is God usually described in the experience as a man with a white beard sitting on a throne? Well, actually that's usually not the way his description is given by those who have described him.

More times then not, God is perceived as an all-powerful and knowing bright light, full of compassion and unconditional love. This concept of God also supports the metaphysical interpretations of what God truly is.

Children and Angels

Dr P.M.H Atwater, who is a respected authority in the near death experience, has written many books which I highly recommend on this subject. She has also interviewed many children who've had NDEs. Unlike adults, many of the children have claimed to be greeted by angels as they emerged into the light.

Perhaps this is because children are more receptive to Angels, and the Angels are able to communicate with the children in a more comforting manner.

What You Expect is What You Get

Some may wonder why everyone who had a near death experience isn't greeted by either God or Jesus? Well, in my opinion, just the same way our thoughts create our reality on this physical plane, so do they on other planes of existence as well. On other planes it's usually instantaneous however.

For example, if you are a Christian and have a heavy belief instilled in you in God and Jesus, then there's a good chance that's whom you will be greeted by in the experience. On the other hand, if you are a strong follower of Buddhism, then there's a good chance you will be greeted by Buddha. You basically get what you expect.

Another possible theory is that perhaps your beliefs are mirrored during the death transition to gently ease you into the afterlife. For example, if you were a Christian and you saw Buddha, it may be too much of a jolt for your consciousness to deal with. So Christian NDEs may slightly vary from those of a non Christian. Nonetheless, no matter what religious figure you meet, it's usually once of compassion, love and kindness.

Concluding View

Personally, I subscribe to the theory that God is everything and will appear in whatever form makes you the most comfortable. It would be interesting to see what your consciousness would experience if the NDE would be of longer duration.

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Telepathy seems to be widely used when communicating in an NDE. This makes perfect sense as our physical senses are more indended for the physical reality.

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