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NDEs - Floating Out of Body

When I began researching NDEs, I found it very intriguing when learning about those who were able to view their physical body from a distant location.

This coincided with my study of out of body experiences, and consciousness, which added validity to those experiences as well.

Floating Above

Some of those who've had an NDE have reported watching above the ambulance while they were being resuscitated, and the feeling of being pulled back inside their body as they were brought back.

Others have spoken about how they were able to watch from the ceiling of a hospital as doctors frantically worked on them. What's amazing is that some people are to describe with startling accuracy what was happening in that hospital room, and what specific procedures were being performed on them.

The Famous Shoe on the Ledge Story

If you've been studying and researching various near death experiences like I have, I'm sure you've come across the story of a woman by the name of Maria who, during a near death experience in a hospital, floated outside her body.

Once outside her body, she was able to tell a hospital staff member about a tennis shoe positioned on the outside ledge of the building. Not only did she let the staff member about the shoe, but she was also able to give an accurate description of the shoe, and the shoe was later retrieved to confirm that description.

Concluding View

The floating out of body aspect of the near death experience really has no rational explanation, although sometimes scientists will try and make it fit a scientific explanation the best they can.

The explanation they give however always falls short and is theoretical at best.

As I mentioned above, viewing your physical body from above ties in very closely to the metaphysical concepts of OBEs and consciousness. If anything, it solidifies the belief that something is really happening here, although it's still very difficult to prove that the consciousness is existing outside of the body, if it indeed is.

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If you are familiar with OBEs(out of body experiences),note some of the similarities between NDEs and OBEs.

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