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NDE - The Emergence Into the Loving Light

One of the most beautiful and memorable characteristics of the NDE is the feeling of overwhelming love coupled with a brilliant white light which often greets the soul as it exits the tunnel.

When the bright light aspect of the near death experience is encountered, it's often described as an all encompassing white light, which in spite of it's brightness, is not at all uncomfortable or blinding. It's explained as being alive and full of energy. Some even characterize this bight light being the entry point into heaven.

In addition to the bright light, the soul very often experiences an immense unconditional presence of love , which is even far more powerful than the type two soulmates may feel when they are deeply in love with one another. It's an incredible feeling of bliss and is often labeled as indescribable.

This love is also characterized as being non-judgmental and it doesn't seem to matter what religious beliefs one has. The love love that is felt is all the same.

It in interesting that in metaphysics, you often find the terms "love and light" written in many metaphysical oriented books that don't have anything to do with the NDE. However, In the near death experience, love and light are the two most prominent characteristics that are associated with the near death experience, something to think about.

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The light associated with the NDE is often described as being incredibly bright, but not uncomfortable like a light that bright would normally feel to the human eyes.

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